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Twice the Twist mystery stories

by Ameya Aneja


ISBN 978-93-88497-83-1
Languages English
Pages 76
Cover Paperback


Mystery stories for children

On a day just like any other, Amy’s father returns home with a surprise of a lifetime. They are moving to America. Amy has always wanted to move to the United States of America. It’s a dream come true. Even before they land, Amy has drawn up a list of all the exciting, wonderful things she wants to do in New York.
They have barely settled into their hotel in New York when they find themselves in the midst of a mystery. A gold necklace has been stolen from the hotel. However, little Amy spots the thief escaping with the stolen necklace. She decides to follow him and catch him red-handed with the help of her brother, Amit. This is only the beginning of a series of adventures. Soon, Amy is embroiled in an even more dangerous pursuit. This time the stakes are higher. Someone wants to kidnap her best friend, Sophia. Amy and her friends only have three days to unravel the mystery and stop the kidnappers.
Old secrets will be revealed. Friendships will be tested. Will Amy be able to solve the mystery? Will she be able to find out why someone wants to kidnap Sophia Will they be able to save Sophia in time?

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About the Author

Ameya Aneja studies in seventh grade at Delhi Public School, RK Puram. She was in sixth grade when she started writing this book. She lives in New Delhi with her family. She is an avid reader and loves to write short stories. She is also learning Kathak, in which she has completed a Senior Diploma from the Prayag Sangeet Samiti, and has performed at several recitals. She plays Table Tennis and has participated in many national and zonal tournaments. She won the Silver Medal in the IPSC national tournament. She also loves playing the piano and has taken examinations of the Trinity College London. She is a recipient of a silver medal at the Shankar’s International Art Competition. She was a member of the Student Council in her school when she was in sixth grade and enthusiastically participates in all the school activities like their Annual Production – The Sound Of Music. She continues to maintain a strong academic record and has been one of the top students of her class.

4 reviews for Twice the Twist mystery stories

  1. Ashema Hasti

    Ameya Aneja has written the book in an amazing way.

    I was reminded of Little Women while reading the book.

    The plot was well written.

    I wish the budding author all the best for her future writings !

  2. Zorba Books

    Thank you Ms Hasti for the encouraging words. Do let all your contacts know what a wonderful book this is too.

  3. Jiah

    Ameya Aneja has written the book in an extraordinary way. This book encourages children to write more books. Best of luck for the books you write in future.

  4. Jiah Rao

    Ameya Aneja has written a great book. Best of luck for books she write in future

  5. Pooja Rao

    Ameya Aneja has written a great book. Best of luck for books she write in future

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