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Always Be Happy

by Semida David


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ISBN 978-93-86407-89-4
Languages English
Pages 248
Cover Paperback
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Always Be happy traces the spiritual journey of the author. A deeply moving book, it is written straight from the heart. From being an atheist brought up in Communist Romania, the author gradually turns to God.

Once she finds Jesus and then God, she is committed and passionate in seeking Him in every aspect of her life. She faces several challenges on her spiritual path but she never gives up. She delves deeper and deeper into the meaning of God and continues to strengthen her relationship with Him. She explores Christianity and Jesus but also delves into yoga and oriental faiths to explore various beliefs and paths to God and concludes that ‘through this multitude of paths, each person can choose the one that suits them best’.

She says, “In this book, I describe the life that I’ve lived till now. A splendid life, a wonderful life, a life filled with the love that God Himself gave to me.” God, to her, is not sitting above in heaven and judging us. He is within us, he is our friend.

For those who are interested in spirituality or are embarking on the path to spirituality, ‘Always Be Happy’ is a powerful tool to help you discover God.

About the Author

The author is a trained economist, after working for some years as a financial inspector, she quit her job and chose a humanist path.
Together with her husband, she owns and manages a guesthouse in the mountains. There, she has created a spiritual center, Shanti Spiritual Centre.
She is a Bowen, Reiki, Bach and Yoga therapist. She conducts ‘Yoga for Health’ class at her hometown’s Culture House, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. There, she has hosted conferences on Indian culture. She also hosts different spiritual courses such as: Happiness Course, Guiding Souls beyond Death Course and Youth Elixir – Immortality Elixir.
She is currently writing spirituality books, both for kids (a series of tales with Angels) and for adults. She has taught Romanian Language at an Indian University.
She coordinates a theatre group, putting on stage mainly spiritual plays written and directed by her. She has been on tour in India several times. Loving spiritual travels, she has visited special places in Europe, Israel, Egypt and India, and written about them.
Her greatest joy is to be of help to others, in every possible way.


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