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Military Medicine

Indian Military Medicine Volume Ⅱ

by Brigadier Yudhvir Suri, VSM


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Indian Military Medicine Volume Ⅱ

History of Military Medicine: Highlights
 “Based on Research in History of medicine and Indian military medicine.
 “Those wishing to learn surgery should join an army and follow it into battle, for there they will encounter a multitude of wounds.”
 “Carl Flugge proved that droplets from speech carried bacteria and Johann (1897) took
that to the operation room – face mask culture”
 “Major surgical advancement of the decade, –  surgeons washed their hands,”
Bergman 1882, scrub and sensitise with alcohol…
 “Surgical gloves were used by surgeons, not to protect the patients but to protect
themselves from syphilis….. Later a practice at operating units.”….
 “Anesthesia backbone of war surgery, etherman or chloroformist designated as
 “Sanitation neglect or non- compliance of community medicine, may cause defeat due to
disease rather than the weapons of the enemy.”
 “Covid-2019 is a success story of isolation community living of soldiers, mass vaccination
and sanitation culture of India.
 “Antisepsis and asepsis is the success story of medicine during World War 1.”
 “Those army commanders who care for the wounded during battle are victorious…..”
 “Contributors to excellence, indicates the professionalism, leadership and spirit of
medical care, to the soldier.”
 Critical Care has evolved from the battlefield of Napolean Era to the modern intensive
care units. Revolutionary evacuation system and staging care are the highlights.”…….
 “British East India had the largest Armed forces, 2, 60,000 strength, Indian medical service,
for non-Indian civil officials and soldiers.”….
 “British East India, started modern medical facilities, later, reverted to Educational
Medical Institutes during British India period…. Calcutta, Madras and Bombay”…
 CC Kapila (Lieutenant General) expanded the Army Medical Corps resource
coordinated, the medical crisis of non-combat and combat injuries, of 1962 war, within
the limited resources delivered to the soldiers of the nation.
 Inder Singh (Lieutenant General), truely designated as the father of High-altitude
medicine, Indian military medicine.

About the author-

Brig (Dr) Yudhvir Suri, VSM has served in the Armed forces medical services India for 35 years during war and peace. He is an academician, researcher, clinician intensivist and medical writer. He is the recipient of numerous accolades including Vishist Seva Medal by Hon’able President of India and Army. Commanders Commendation award (Northern Command), professional medical societies, Armed forces and civil organisations. He is an acclaimed expert on military medicine. Post retirement, a military veteran, settled at Gurugram, State of Haryana, India.

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