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Rich Man Poor Man

Rich Man Poor Man

by Anunay Kumar


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ISBN 9789395217859
Languages English
Pages 194
Cover Paperback
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Rich Man Poor Man

Amazon Best-selling Book in Economic Policy and Development and Business Development

The writing style borders on tongue-in-cheek rather than preachy. While reeling out hard facts and figures, problems, and solutions. Rich Man Poor Man engages you with facts and figures and creative use of language to keep you glued. Moreover, it encourages you to study the different solutions to the problems we face and their resolution in the judiciary, Rich, Poor disparity, education, and jobs.

If you are engaged with India and want to reflect, resolve, or even mull over the issues facing India in short 200 pages. This is the book for you, for your organization—the issues and solutions stare at us from the pages of this book.

How did the world operate without Money??
How did Money become a necessity of life??
How did forms of money change with time?
Why were some people able to have it all while others don’t?
Why has the gulf not narrowed down between the rich and poor?

What can we do to mitigate those problems?

Simple solutions to big problems we should be tackling now. The beginning is here in Rich Dad Poor Dad

Some simple actions can REVERSE the slide of the poor into poverty and misery. Author Anunay Kumar presents Hard facts, answering all possible questions – why, how, & when, with critical analysis and simple solutions. Rich Man, Poor Man

There is extreme poverty, and there is extreme money. This book is about how to use one to mitigate the other. The data used in this book are based on published facts and figures. The solutions offered are simple.


About the Author

The author, Anunay Kumar was born into a prominent doctors’ family. He has led a charmed life with education in Engineering and Management, worked in India and abroad, and travelled widely during a long career culminating in several board-level placements.
He is happily married and has a daughter and a son, who, along with their spouses and children, are a part of the distinguished Indian diaspora.
He has also authored two novels, Single Window and Revelation 22.

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