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analysis of current state of affairs in India

Raj mein Gunde, Dharm mein Pande, Samaj mein Andhe

by Pitamber Pant


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Pages 92
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Raj mein Gunde, Dharm mein Pande, Samaj mein Andhe is an analysis of the current state of affairs in India. Growing up as an adult during the emergency era – experiencing the ruthless arrests, comic situations in nasabandi campaign, Mandal from VP Singh’s kamandal creating a fragmented society, mindless deaths in the dance of democracy which continue unabated, and the compromised Prime Ministers in the last few years of 20th Century left me stunned and frustrated by the time I hit mid 30s. The situation hasn’t improved – it has deteriorated further. Rampant loot, lies, no hold bar culture and absence of right leadership in the new century has created a
severe feeling of frustration, helplessness and self pity across India.

What is the point in writing a book to bring out one’s frustration? Will it help in any way?

Perhaps! Renewal of learning from the past would definitely be useful. As human beings, we suffer from loss of memory! We know the wonder of the wonders is the tendency of humankind to forget. Amply amplified by the 1 st question of Yaksha to Yudhister, “What is the biggest wonder of the world?” and the answer, “Forgetful of human mind, it knows that the death is the most certain thing yet it remains forgetting it all the time”.

The book has two parts – 1 st describing the post independence leadership and how it has almost destroyed an ancient culture in 70 years and an analysis of the current state of affairs in India and the second half on the path ahead to restore the glory of the motherland.


About the Author

Pitamber Pant grew up in a rural environment before moving to Delhi for his graduation. He did his PG in commerce and management accounting and started working as a management consultant in mid 80s. In 92, he co-promoted a management consulting firm and he has done consulting work with leading global and Indian organizations. He has travelled extensively in India and abroad.

Assisting family in agriculture sector during formative years, working in small stints with odd jobs during his higher education and then establishing himself as a successful management; HR consultant, he is a self-made man with  great connect with rural India, industry and global fraternity. This is his first, perhaps the only book, and he gives a unique analysis for the current sad state of affairs of Bharat and a possible road map for regaining our pride of place in the world. The language is simple, contents absorbing and the message very meaningful. I am sure it will make the readers to think and act to rejuvenate the Bharat.


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