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Thoughts for a Better Tomorrow

Thoughts for a Better Tomorrow

by R. Jayaraman


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ISBN 978-93-5896-943-6
Languages English
Pages 164
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Thoughts for a Better Tomorrow

R. Jayaraman, with his extensive background in both industry and academia, began digitizing his blogs in 2016. The content flowed freely, akin to water gushing from an opened dam. His writings cover a wide array of subjects that resonate with thinkers of today and tomorrow—highlighting the significance of education, the evolving landscape of management, global economics, humor, politics, and business. Each blog post unveils intriguing facts and distinctive insights that invite reflection.  Readers delving into his complete collection will gain a broader understanding of various contemporary debates. The blogs aim to spotlight pertinent issues, fostering deeper contemplation and prompting action, thereby nurturing thought leadership.
May the reader find pleasure and enlightenment in navigating the intricate maze of this blog world.

About the Author

Trained in IIT Bombay, IIM Ahmedabad and UBC, Vancouver, Canada, from where he passed with distinction, R. Jayaraman has had an illustrious industrial career spanning over 32 plus years. Mainly in corporate functions. He was a member of the world class cold rolling project management team in Tata Steel, which won several awards. After his stint in the industry, he joined as a professor in a Business School in Mumbai,. He has been nominated for and won several awards, the latest one being a Best Professor, National. He has won other
awards, like, for the ‘Best Paper’, twice. He has published extensively in technical, management journals and magazines. He serves on the editorial boards of Industrial Products Finder, Prabandhan and Emerald Publishing. He is a qualified Malcolm Baldrige Equivalent and EFQM Senior Assessor, and has assessed more than 70 companies in India and abroad.
He has published four books, two on project management and two on devotional songs. Currently, he is working on a few other books, which may be published soon.


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