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Penalty and Pardon

Penalty and Pardon

by Ramu Upadhaya


E-Book Price ₹99 / $3.99

ISBN 9789390640485
Languages English
Pages 250
Cover Paperback
E-Book Available


Penalty and Pardon – is a novel that seeks to explore questions of the existence of God, also good and evil. Patrick is a staunch believer in God. Nevertheless, he faces innumerable problems created by Desmond and Baxter, who represent evil in the book.
Though Patrick does not have any proof about the presence of the mysterious entity called God, he devotes his whole life to the service of God. It reveals human life’s positive and negative aspects in activities related to worldly success and failures and Patrick’s dealing with them. He deals with Desmond and Baxter, the principal adversaries, creating roadblocks and hurdles for Patrick as he seeks to lead a spiritual life.
The narrative reflects on the spiritual and the material worlds. Besides, it tells us about what lies between our theoretical and practical lives in society as if the author were interpreting the real spiritual world–a superbly thought-provoking presentation!

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