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Romantic fiction

The Pursuit of Love

by Neel Tale


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ISBN 978-93-88497-24-4
Pages 146
Cover Paperback
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This is a story of love. The search for love. The search for true love. Sammer has been looking for love since his school days. He meets interesting women and the relationships he has with them start off on an interesting note. However, as the relationships progress, something always seems to go wrong.
Why? What happens in each relationship? Is Sammer at fault? Or does he always end up choosing the wrong girl? What is preventing him from finding true love? Is true love so elusive? Sammer confronts himself with these questions after each failed relationship. But he is an optimist and doesn’t hold himself back from pursuing love once again. Does Sammer meet ‘the one’? Does he finally find true love? Read on to find out…

About the Author

At first Neel wanted to be a journalist but he chose a career in a finance and marketing because it was the pragmatic things to do, in those days . He has worked for nine years in the service industry in companies like ICICI BANK , HDFC, KUONI. There after he became interested in media and join an advertising agency . Worked as an assistant
script writer and did creative work for P.D. Films. Also carried out creative supervision and was a story writer for short films, documentaries and theatre. He has written short film stories for competition and won the best story award at Wistlingwood International.
He won an award for the best dialogues for short film competition at Wistlingwood international. He is a very proactive person and has a great sense of responsibility he is receptive to ideas and suggestions and likes to analyse situations that arise in his professional life and provide immediate solution . His interests are as multifarious and diverse as his several academic degree and diplomas.


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