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Second Innings

Second Innings

by Madhav Das


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ISBN 9789395217415
Languages English
Pages 129
Cover Paperback
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Second Innings


Madhav Das

(Author of the Bestseller ‘House #872’)

Puneet Khosla’s father, Rajesh Khosla wanted to make him a cricketer and see him playing for the country, but he ended up becoming a SAAS startup founder. From NASDAQ listing to extraordinary success in the business, Puneet and his wife, Trisha travel through unchartered paths.

What is Mike Kohler and Sarah’s role in changing Puneet’s destiny? Can Ekta take things on a different tangent?
Rina Khosla excelled as a jewelry designer of global repute and Nilanjan Basu became a pilot in the Indian Air Force. Everyone envied these love birds, but life had something else in store for them.
Will Abhinav Basu fulfill his grandfather’s dream?
Can the Delhi Assembly elections possibly settle the debate on the legacy of former Union Home Minister and stalwart Ram Pratap Singh in the favor of his great grandson Romil Singh?
Will all of them find love, comfort and dreams fulfilled in their Second Innings?

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