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House #872

by Madhav Das


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ISBN 9789390640928
Languages English
Pages 126
Cover Paperback
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Four friends started their B-school journey together. They lived in House #872 near the Delhi – Faridabad border. Neeraj, an Oriya boy with very high aspirations, focused all the time on studies and really helped many of his batchmates pick up complicated concepts with lot of ease and pass exams in flying colours. But he did not do that well in the final year exams. Struggled a lot to get his first job but finally he landed his dream job! Few years later, he realized that destiny had something else in store for him!
Keshav, an ambitious Malayali with typical Libran traits makes lot of North Indian friends so quickly as he wanted to learn Hindi to survive in Delhi. Most of his friends and professors in his B-school started seeing a potential HR professional in him and their motivation lands him in the world of HR.

Arvind Pal Singh, a tall and well-built sardar from Nagpur, lands up in Delhi to do his MBA after running a supermarket successfully in his city. He always wanted to get armed with B-school gyan and a post graduate degree to venture into new horizons and did not want to take up a corporate job working under someone.

Rajnish, a jovial and street-smart guy from Lucknow only had one dream. To be a banker in a reputed MNC bank! He felt all his small-town inhibitions will disappear in the big canvas of this B-school life in Delhi. Let us see how their college life progresses and where they land up.

About the Author

Madhav Das grew up in Ras Al Khaimah (in United Arab Emirates) and in Pattambi, a small town in Kerala. After his graduation from Government College in Pattambi, he went to Delhi to do MBA. He stayed in Delhi for 15 years and then moved to Hyderabad. He is currently the Senior Director – HR in a global marketing technology company headquartered in New York. He has won several national awards for leadership and HR Excellence. He is also a social media influencer and speaker at various leadership conferences and B-schools across India. He finds time for writing and painting during the weekends. This is his first book, and it is a well spun fiction with interesting narratives about his B-school days in Delhi, the friendships he formed during that time and some of the roller coaster rides in their lives. Madhav lives in Hyderabad with his wife Divya, an ex-banker and two lovely kids, Avantika and Avinash.

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