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Practical Homeopathy

Easy Practical Cure

by Dr. Shiv Dua


ISBN '9789385020667
Languages English
Pages 198
Cover Paperback

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Practical Homeopathy, Kidney, Urinary Tract, Prostrate and Thyroid

This is the fourteenth book on Homoeopathy by Dr. Shiv Dua. It is a compendium of four subjects, Dr. Dua for kidney stones, Urine tract infection, Prostate enlargement and Thyroid disease. It is useful for doctors, students and all knowledge-seekers who frequently search on ‘Google’ for a proven, effective answer to their health problems.

This practical Homeopathy book depicts the teachings of great Dr. Hahnemann, the founder of Homoeopathy who tirelessly conducted experiments to perfect his wonderful theory. He tried many alternatives with Homoeopathy including inhaling instead of oral-intake, magneto therapy, Naturopathy, and diet regimen. In an article, ‘Dietic conversation’, he stressed upon importance of proper diet with different medicines. He was of the view that man should imitate Nature’s methods for a perfect cure. He professed ideal environment, hygienic houses, clean streets and beautiful gardens for living to get rid of diseases and epidemics. He believed in ‘Vis Medicatrix Naturae’, the healing power of nature within the human organism. This book religiously follows the great principles of great master and incorporates supplementary support of Diet, Naturopathy, Acupressure, Reflexology and Yoga keeping Homoeopathy as a primary medication.

Four Additional Attractions

  • Easy method to memorize medicines and improved method of taking the case history.
  • How many medicines to be kept in a new clinic?
  • Best prescription for expelling kidney stones of above 7 mm size.
  • Two golden remedies for UTI and management of UTI without medicines.
  • Persons with prostate weight of 50 gm and above can lead normal life.
  • Relief from prostate enlargement in four weeks and toning urinary muscles?
  • Cancer of the prostate is not a serious problem.
  • Starting treatment of thyroid problems, stopping life time medication.
  • Rotating beads (Mala japna in Hindi) and chanting ‘OM’ helps in thyroid problems.

About The Author

Dr. Shiv Dua has written 13 books and hundreds of articles on various subjects of homoeopathy. These were published in journals like ‘Vital Informer’, ‘Homoeopathy for All’, ‘Homoeopathic Heritage’, ‘Homeobuzz’, Homoeopathic Sandesh’, ‘National Journal of Homoeopathy’, Asian Journal of Homoeopathy, Medicina Futura Homeopathica, Hahnemann ki Awaaz, SDHA Chronicle, Kent Memorial Lectures souvenirs, Totality, Homoeo Revival, Homoeo sewak, Homeo Prichay, Homoeo Gagan, Homoeo Era, Homoeo Times, Vivek Jyoti, and newspapers like Rajasthan Patrika, Denik Bhaskar, Navjyoti etc. His books have been translated into Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Spanish, French and other languages of the world. He is member of many medical associations like Faridabad Doctor’s Association, DHMA, NHMRA and SDHA of Delhi. He has received ‘life time achievement’ award from Faridabad Doctor’s Association. He had been chief guest, chairperson and speaker in many Homoeopathic seminars, CME meeting of various homoeopathic organizations and Medical College.
Books published
1)      Practitioner’s guide to Gall bladder stones and Kidney stones
2)      Oral Diseases
3)      Know and solve your thyroid problems
4)      Cervical spondylosis-Neck pain
5)      Constitutional remedies through interesting short stories
6)      Homoeopathic self-healing guide for beginners
7)      Hair care
8)      Nails care
9)      King Gland, Prostrate
10)     Defeat Inguinal Hernia
11)     See the Best in you
12) A to Z of Back pains
13) Easy Practical Homoeopathy
14) Jungle Alone (Novel)

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