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Ancient Empty Street

Ancient Empty Streets

by Anirudh R.P


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ISBN 9789395217248
Languages English
Pages 126
Cover Paperback
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 Ancient Empty Streets

 A Collection of Poems


Path, Perspective & Experiences, I believe these three words constitute the core values of the human mindset. Breaking it just to build it again and breaking it further to create something majestic from the beginning. This is life. This is the path. This is the perspective which results in the numerous experiences that we go through in our life. This book is a compilation of poems that were born from the various emotions I’ve had, beginning from the freshness of the dawn to the silence of the night, and every moment in between. Beginning from the innocence of love to the pain of loss and every moment in between. A compilation of poems that would take you through a path not taken, giving you new perspectives hence giving you newer experiences- The Ancient Empty Street.

About the Author

Anirudh R P, is a young writer-poet, hailing from the southern part of India. Anirudh has been writing poetry since childhood, and has learned different styles of poetry throughout his teens and early adult-life. Anirudh has dedicated this book to his favourite music artist-song writer Bob Dylan, and remains devoted to the intensity of his poetic writing styles. He began this poetry compilation in the dawn of the worldwide lockdown, when he was in isolation. From more than 100 poetries, he has chosen his favourite ones and is presenting to you in the form of this book titled- The Ancient Empty Street.

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