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Flight of Words from the Self

by Srikala Ganapathy


ISBN 978-93-87456-31-0
Languages English
Pages 68
Cover Paperback


This little book is a collection of poems of the authors inner journey of mind to explore, understand and seek the true Divine “Self” within. Poems are outpourings of her thoughts, emotions, insights,perspectives and glimpses of silent, devotional and beautiful liberating moments that touched and inspired her. Few of her poems are endearing and fulfilling moments in her life’s journey. To meet and cope with demands of stressful materialistic world, one cannot escape but must equip with strong Inner Self. Only when individual consciousness changes, collective positive actions can happen in humanity. Inner journey refreshes soul, adds value, positivity and meaning to life in unique ways awakening growth and right understanding, creates psychological and emotional well being to move forward in the right direction in life paving way for lasting happiness, freedom and joy of mind’s silence within! My first poetry book is to touch hearts and minds of people and spread goodness and peace.

About the Author

Srikala loves words. She speaks less and love to write more. Writing gives her happiness. She likes to lose herself in contemplation of spiritual teachings, and unfolding understanding translates into words.
Who am I? She often wonders. A Researcher .Spiritual traveler. Teacher. Writer. Social worker?
She has published her Scientific Research Papers in National and International Journals. Srikala has authored few articles.Srikala stories for children’ for The Hindu “On a freedom Trip”, “Pitching it right”, “Discovering life”, “Look within”, “Write to refresh”, “Time to celebrate” and “Friendship Bracelet”. “Me and my inner voice” was published in Infinithoughts, a wonderful holistic magazine and few spiritual articles in Nachiketanjali, a beautiful spiritual magazine. Few of Srikala stories for children are also available online worldwide web.Storyweaver.

Writing brings her clarity and helps her to learn and grow. Writing each and every piece was deeply fulfilling. Writing poems heals her, somehow helps her to uplift her from lower to higher consciousness.


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