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My collective visuals of India

My Collective Visuals of India

by Md. Tazammul Sami


ISBN 9789390640645
Languages English
Pages 92
Cover Paperback


The poems in this book are the keen observations of a child.  This is how his motherland reflects in his mind. It depicts the future of India, in the hands of its tiny tots. Our Nation is a bond of mankind, humanity, culture, tradition social belief and custom’s, unity in diversity, secular and fraternity are its Nature. India experienced freedom after becoming an Independent Nation. India started its growth by framing princely states into a Union of states. Building up modern architecture, our first prime minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. After some days of free India our beloved Bapu passed away and told us that we the people are the new India’s successor. Pt. Nehru says that developing India’s eyes are the children of the    Nation. Now we see what happens after the great leaders have left our motherland.
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