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ISBN 978-93-90011-22-3
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The collected poems in Telling Tales is the author’s original work. Each poem is a product with universal application. It is in a first person’s narration, for every person who lives the same situation without referring to any individual. Human experiences are voiced through these poems. Therefore, certain concrete situations are recounted vividly in some poems. The collected poems tell tales that would never die.
The title of the book delineates the transference of knowledge. Indeed, each poem tells a tale. The tale may be emotional, psychological, incidental, situational or educational. However, no poem is individualized. The reader will take a ride as each poem tells a tale.

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About the Author

Dr Anthony Richa is a PhD in English Literature. He is a lifetime member of the Association for
English Studies in India. Dozens of research papers have been written and published both in national and international journals. He is currently writing research papers for publications and international journals.
Several short stories, poems and novels have been written and published by him. The titles that have
been published are:
1. Awakened Lines: A Collection of Poems, published by Heritage Publishers
2. Stories from the Tribal Hills: A Connect, published by Zorba Books
Presently he works as an administrator at Nagaland University. However, the University is a
Higher Educational institution, inspiration comes everyday suitably feeding his aspiration and passion
as a writer.



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