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Build Better Version Of Yourself

Build Better Version Of Yourself

by K R GOSWAMI (MA Psychology)


ISBN 9788194935544
Languages English
Pages 94
Cover Paperback


Build Better Version Of Yourself

21 Psychological ways to organise the mind

We cannot stop these unusual deaths but we can moderate them if we apply certain principles in our life. The author has presented 21 different ways to understand your current personality traits and also help you to make changes, eradicate, resolve or at least moderate extreme issues. It will become easier to understand the difficulties one is facing and you will be able to rise to a desired level of happiness if tips given in this book are applied.
The examples given in the book and references are extensive. Examples and references have been taken from other books, psychological inferences from experience with the armed forces and the corporate sector.
It is time to introspect and spend considerable time with one’s inner self and treat this book as
one of the critical projects in your life and Rediscover Your Hidden Potential.

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Build a better version of yourself

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About the Author

The author has a Masters in Psychology. During his active service in the Armed forces and the corporate sector, he guided organizations and individuals by the virtue of his experiments and experiences to
resolve day to day issues. The outcome of his successful experiments and experiences with the armed forces have translated into this book.


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