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Self-help book

Master Your Managerial Behavior

by K R GOSWAMI (MA Psychology)


ISBN 9789390640881
Languages English
Pages 138
Cover Paperback



21 Secrets To Scale Up
Excellence In An Organization

A self-help book for managers.

Chapter 1: Change The Mind-Set And Change The Game
Chapter 2: Work-life Balance
Chapter 3: Secrets Of Employees Who Love Their Job
Chapter 4: Employee Like Qualities
Chapter 5: Power Of Listening
Chapter 6: Teams Start With Human Connection
Chapter 7: Master Your Communication Skills
Chapter 8: Control Emotion And Influence Behavior
Chapter 9: Key Link To Productivity
Chapter 10: Era Of Constant Change
Chapter 11: Poor Management Practices And Remedies

Chapter 12: Humour At Work
Chapter 13: Know Your Employees
Chapter 14: Stop Managing Start Leading
Chapter 15: Building Psychologically Safe Workplace
Chapter 16: Create A Work Culture To Bring The Best
Chapter 17: The Secret Of Self Control
Chapter 18: How To Deal With Difficult Customers
Chapter 19: Efficient Power Management
Chapter 20: Promises And Performances
Chapter 21: Benefits Of Long Term Relationship

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About the Author

Good managers can turn the potential into actuality. An efficient manager recognizes talent in a
person and turns it into the best performance. In most cases, an ideal solution necessarily does not exist.
I was declared Best Branch Manager in the Bank for the year 2014-15, but being the best manager
doesn’t mean being the most productive or topping sales reports every quarter. It’s about being the
most “human” manager that you can be and retaining your humanity throughout your career.
Various good and bad experiences are narrated in this book. I have given some solutions also based on
experiences of writers and world-class speakers.
I hope this book will be useful to bankers and corporate sector employees.


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