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We Never Die

We Never Die

by Krishna


E-Book Price ₹59 / $2.99

ISBN 9789390640386
Languages English
Pages 94
Cover Paperback
E-Book Available


Life often seems confusing and illusory. Is the past, present, and future interconnected? Is everything only a simulation? What is the relationship between life and perception? Just at the moment when it becomes increasingly difficult for the protagonist to distinguish real from unreal, and he is pondering these philosophical questions, an alien who claims to be his friend from a previous birth appears in front of him. In the conversation that ensues between them, the protagonist and his friend speak about the existence of extra-terrestrial life, the state of technology on other planets and the Universal law that guides beings on all planets.

In the process, the protagonist also witnesses scenes from his previous births, and begins to detect patterns of behaviour that have persisted through the ages. He wonders how many more lifetimes he still has to live before achieving moksha, all the while realising that the true path to knowledge has already been revealed to humankind by the yogis of the past.

The novella WE NEVER DIE, engages with questions of faith and rationality, science and spirituality, and the ever changing nature of human experience. This is an engaging and compelling novel about the mind, body, and soul and the ultimate union of the individual consciousness with the Universal consciousness.

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