A Good Stranger

by Siddhi Khankal


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ISBN 978-81-933169-9-3
Pages 220
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Product Description

Who wouldn’t like to be Dr. Meera Deshmukh?

The girl who had it all – beauty, brain, a loving, rocking family and even a ‘maybe future husband’ Dr. Arjun Gokhale, who was Mr. Perfect in every way. Until one day when into Meera’s life walks a tall, handsome, dark stranger… Dheeraj – a businessman, son of a powerful political family in Pune, who is crazy about Meera but cannot marry her.

Will Meera settle for a life-long friendship because of her fear of commitment and marriage or throw it all away chasing a powerful and impossible love?

Explore their twisted tale of love and lust where dreams, ambition, duty and family come into conflict – in this modern family drama.

Find out who the Good Stranger is – is it Arjun, Dheeraj, or Meera herself?
Ultimately, discover the Good Stranger in your life as well.

About the Author

Siddhi Khankal, a girl from Bandra has spent all her life in Mumbai. She is a medical student pursuing Physiotherapy in Pune. She is an avid reader, loves painting and is a music lover. She loves watching sitcoms and Hollywood movies and, of course, loves writing in her free time. She never imagined being an Author, as she always wanted to be a Doctor. A Good Stranger is her debut novel.


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    A very engaging start! Everything you can relate to if you are in your 20s and meet the man of your dreams… PS: Before everything fall in place you have to deal with a jumbled heart, difficult choices and lot more…

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    Marvellous start!I got engrossed while reading this book.A busy-steamy slow paced romance with the light-hearted comedy and family bonding.

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    Thank you for your review Nidhi, do also put your review on FB.

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    Thank you for your review Rashmi, do also put your review on FB.

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