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by Dr. Ashok Jainer


ISBN 9789390640003
Languages English
Pages 76
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Dr Ashok Jainer is a renowned psychiatrist, he was born in a small village in a  spiritual family.
At the age of 12 years, he decided to become a doctor when his grandmother died of cholera. He thought that if he was a doctor he could have saved her. One day he read the quotation of Napoleon Hill that “nothing is impossible and impossible word should be removed from the dictionary.” He started
believing it and this developed firm faith in it. At that time to become a doctor was very competitive and all his teachers advised him to join a banking service or teaching line. He used to say he has to be a doctor and nothing else. At that time he experienced that some power was working for him, which was guiding him, making ways for him, everything was being organised in his favour. Dr Ashok Jainer made an impossible task possible. He was selected for medicine at three different places.  He clearly witnessed this invisible power how it was operating through him. Doctor Ashok Jainer started searching for the secrets of this power and utilising it in his life. From a small village, he reached the second best medical college in India and then to the United Kingdom. He continued to do research to explore the secret of this invisible power. Dr Ashok Jainer UK 40 years of research revealed that this divine power belongs to everyone but rarely people access it. This book will help people to learn these rules.

A soul-stirring book. As one reads the book, the realisation starts dawning, gradually but surely, that there is a limitless power. Dr Ashok Jainer UK has done a great service to mankind by bringing this book which is imbued with his own experiences of dealing with this Universal Power. 

Mrityunjay Kumar Narayan, IAS

“In his book, Dr. Ashok Jainer has shared the secret of his huge success and his concepts can be used in our day to day life. It’s a must-read for anyone looking for the balance between our material and spiritual anxieties.”
Suvir Misra, Commissioner, IRS

I read the book ‘UNIVERSAL POWER WITHIN US’  I am delighted to say that this book will ignite millions of people. 

Ram Kripal Singh, Ex Editor,
Navbharat Times, Times of India

I read the book “universal power within us” with great interest and found it very facilitating. It gives fundamental principles of attaining divine power which is key to success. 


D. Clinical Medicine & Neurology, Life Fellow of IPS, MIAS


I read this book very closely and find it highly inspirational.  It is very well written making it all the more fascinating. 
Dr. Ashok K. Singh, Director
Dr. Singh’s City Hospital & Medical Research Centre
NAVI Mumbai,

The book titled ‘Universal Power’ written by Dr Ashok Jainer- a renowned psychiatrist. I personally feel this book is a lighthouse for the directionless. There is a good deal of discussion on divinity forms and impurities of life and the ways to deal with them. The author talks about how to set up a connection between the human mind and divinity using ‘the self-realisation technique’. Not only does it talk about the impurities of soul,- it also suggests the ways to improve them and train the mind as to how to restrain from the negative forces of mind that try to disturb our minds and make us drift away from our goals.
In this book, a reader will, for sure find a good guiding and enlightening spirit.
Aminder Preet, New Delhi


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