Designing Professional Book Covers

A professionally designed book cover is a must for any book. The book cover is a gateway to the contents of your book. That is one of the first item a reader will see before he decides to pick the book for further scrutiny.  The book cover should be in keeping with the current design trends, the colour combinations should be right, the images attractive, also the font sizes and styles to be used.  The images used on the cover should be copyright free. A professional who has been dabbling in cover designs and has upto date knowledge and skill should be preferred.

You have varying choices in getting a cover made.

Attractive book cover design

Our designers will design an eye-catching book cover from millions of stock photos in our database, for you. Two book covers will be designed and sent to you. You can suggest slight changes to the cover, e.g., change of font, colour, background, if possible, we will do so. For skill in designing book cover, please check our book store.

Rs. 6,500/book cover

Custom book cover design

If you have a clear idea for a book cover or you have a specific design in mind, then custom cover design is a good option for you. Our designers will create a custom cover for you. Getting an exact cover design with stock photos available with us, can be limiting and hence in custom cover we will buy stock photos or create an artistic book cover with illustrations. One or two options will be offered to you to choose from.

Rs. 12,000/- onwards

Designing of the front inner and rear inner of the book cover

Rs 5000/- onwards

Additional illustration to be made on the book cover

Rs 6,000/-

Illustration for book interior (simple)

Rs. 600/illustration, to be added to a book to make it attractive, such as introduction of a compass/star/arrow, to the title page etc.

Illustration (Complex)

Rs.1500/illustration black and white. To support the story or the matter contained in the book, e.g.: tree laden with fruits or the working of a heart.


Drawing maps or scenery Rs 3,000

To be able to get the maximum and best for your cover page do read the following article on book cover design.

What is an attractive book cover design?