Writing Built Courage in Me!

Since childhood, I have had this habit of scribbling words in my diary. This habit was lost somewhere when I went to pursue my higher education. But as they say, what’s yours will find a way to you. For me, it was my writing. I remember how I was upset and was finding a way to get that negativity out of me when my sister suggested I buy a diary. It was a purple color diary; it was after ages that I invested in purchasing a journal to write. Slowly, my diary became a friend with whom I would share my daily chores, talk about crushes, and vent my anger. It was only during covid when I really started writing about every feeling, every detail of life. It was when I felt connected to writing not as a way of venting out my negativity but also appreciating nature and being grateful for life. I must say, words are your best friend if you know how to use them.

My writing and Publishing journey

Writing a book was never a part of the plan but things happen, and it happened to me for good. Of course, there were discouragements from various people I couldn’t have imagined but I am glad that I had this opportunity to express every detail of life through my book – The Moody Tales, which touched so many lives.

The real happiness was when I got my published book via courier from my publisher. Zorba Books has been such a platform in my writing journey that can never be forgotten. The team has been supportive enough with the launch. The book written by me and published by Zorba Books made me believe in myself as an author. It helped me in building courage and accepting myself and the world as it is, unfiltered.

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