Six Easy Ways to get rid of the Writer’s Block

Getting rid of the Writer’s Block

If you are a writer and things were going well for you till recently but of late you have started to experience that words are not flowing any more. When earlier they was a flood but now, not even a trickle. Fear not, in all probability you are experiencing the dreaded writer’s block. The good news is you’re not alone. Most authors experience the writer’s block at least once if not more number of times, in their writing career.

What is a writer’s block?

Writer’s block is that dreadful feeling that writers get when it seems the words have stopped flowing. This is a passing phase and will pass over, for you too.

Tricks to use to get rid of the writer’s block:

• Forget about writing for a while, focus your attention on your other hobbies or work.
• Pack up your writing, go for a walk – fresh air helps clear your head.
• Spend time chatting and socializing with friends and family.
• Read interesting books, magazines
• In short take your mind away from writing and immerse yourself in something you enjoy.
• Relax and don’t obsess about how good the manuscript is going to be. Sometimes it’s the immense expectation or worries over your manuscript that leads to a writer’s block.

Let the words flow.