What is Author Branding?

For an author, either aspiring or published, the quality of the writing and the storyline is crucial. Just as crucial is building an Author Brand. Only an author brand will guarantee that the book reaches the hands of your readers, every time you publish a new book. However good the book may be, it has to move from bookshelves or online stores to your readers, and author branding helps.

 Author Branding is the process by which an author positions himself or herself as the center of attraction and seeks to be the preferred choice in a given genre. In the mythology genre, which author leaps to your mind, first? Devdutt Pattanaik? That’s because he has built up a strong author brand around his name and has positioned himself as an expert on Indian mythology.  Another author who is now pushing to strengthen his author brand is Amish Tripathi. With the release of his latest book, Raavan- Enemy of Aryavart, he too has built a strong author brand. People will go to a book store and ask for Amish Tripathi’s book.

An author brand rightly focuses more on the author than the book and the objective is to ensure that the author’s personality (style of writing, themes, genres) encourages readers to pick his/her books over any other author in the same genre. Top of the list of Indian authors would be Chetan Bhagat and Devdutt Patnaik, Amish Tripathi.

Author Branding is a powerful phenomenon that famous and well-established authors use to keep their books on top of the readers’ mind.  The interesting point is that even when they are between books i.e. the time period between the launch of one book and the other, they seek ways to stay top-of-mind of their core reader base and keep them primed for their next book. Chetan Bhagat writes articles, appears in TV shows, Devdutt Pattanaik has TV shows he participates in, posts regularly in social media. You can set up a website with all the information related to you like the author’s name, all details of authors published books, contact page, request for talks page, page for fans to interact with the author etc.

In an age where personal brands have become very powerful in every sphere of business, upcoming authors and writers who want to make an impact in their writing careers should start developing their author brand without any further delay.

Once you know what is an author brand and the next question on your mind is what are the benefits of building an Author Brand?  There are several benefits of building an author brand and you should be aware of all of them.