Why YOU should build an Author Brand?

One of the book marketing strategies is buiding an author brand. What are the major reasons for building an Author Brand? Building an author brand is a book marketing strategy

1. Authority: The number one benefit of creating an Author Brand is that it establishes the author as an authority in his or her chosen field. One can go to one’s local library and realize that every expert has the tag of a genre, category or theme. Shiv Khera will appear as the leadership expert and Chetan Bhagat will be tagged to romance fiction. Since they are seen as authorities in these areas, they command great respect and influence in these areas. This makes their books the preferred ones by people who might have not heard of the author’s names – this is referred to as Authority Marketing.

2. Competition: Thousands of books are released annually. There is huge competition among authors and books, at the marketplace. Many excellent books and authors get swamped by competition from worse books and do not get a fair chance at fame or at earning a return on their investment of time, effort and money.  With a strong author brand, the author can easily stand out from the crowd and achieve the attention needed. In this case, the Author Brand does the marketing.

3. Credibility: In an age where it is not too difficult to put content, albeit of questionable merit, together and become a published author, it becomes difficult for serious readers to filter through the large number of books published and discover great books and authors. A strong author brand will position you as a credible author which will attract readers. Your readers and social media followers also begin to trust you and you become a trusted icon in your field. This raises the author’s media profile and leads to appearances in media events.

4. Loyalty: The frenzy amongst readers of the Harry Potter series whenever a new book in the series is released is well documented. J.K. Rowling’s author brand is so powerful that it has built a tribe of raving fans and followers of her books. A strong author brand builds its own fan base and loyal readers. Once an author brand is established, readers will just be waiting for the author’s next book release and will go to any extent just to get their hands on the book. Watch how both Amish Tripathi and Durojoy Datta are building their author brand before and after their just released books.

5. Auto-Marketing: Book publishing does not come cheap; whether electronic or print books, they all demand a huge investment of time, effort and money. Even though authors publish books for many reasons and not necessarily for monetary rewards, getting returns on their investment in terms of cash is always welcome. As the Author Brand becomes stronger, it will require less effort to get the author’s books sold or talked about. The author develops a loyal following, his or her authority and influence is held in high-esteem and the author’s books will start selling automatically bringing in more royalties.

This is how author brand a helps as a book marketing strategy. The good news is that in this day and age, with a proliferation of online and social media, it has become easier to develop an Author Brand. All that is required is a helping online marketing guide and some investment of time in creating content to build and support one’s Author Brand. Not only will the Author Brand be created but many doors beyond books will be opened.

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