My First Book. My Labour of Love

Finally, the book was here, and my joy knew no bounds! This was my first book. My labour
of love. Indeed, it was done very well with a cover that matched the title.
As the published book arrived, I spread the word and the first feedback came in. Then
another and another. The book was received very well. It was found to be interesting not
only by people with paraplegia, individuals in a wheelchair but others too. Friends and public
found it fascinating and inspiring – how to cope with difficult situations in life. My author experience was
boosting my morale and motivating me.
I started getting views and opinions from readers and that was encouraging and uplifting.
Some conveyed that they found the book so interesting that they read it in one sitting!
Another from the US reported that he had earlier read another book and it took him weeks to
complete reading it but “Coming Back” he finished reading it in one go.
Others wrote that they found reading this book as if I was sitting with them and narrating the
whole story and that made the book reading very interesting. The feedback made me think
why didn’t I wield my pen earlier?

author experience
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As a senior citizen I find it personally rewarding that my book published by Zorba Books, is slowly enriching people’s lives. Not only those who love an inspiring story but also those who are going through the struggles of being handicapped with special relevance to people on wheelchair. Late Major HPS
of the Indian Spinal Injuries Centre has personally endorsed my book. – VIJAY DIGAMBAR GARDE

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