How Do I Publish an eBook?

How to Publish an eBook?

The world today has taken a digital turn and eBooks have proudly carved out a niche in the world of reading. The popularity of print books shall remain unbeaten, but their digital versions are rearing their head because they are easy to carry and cheaper to buy and easy to store.

All aspiring and established authors would agree that getting your work converted into an eBook is now necessary.
There are several e-publishing platforms that can help an author convert his/her manuscript into an eBook. Many question that crop up in authors mind related to publising an ebook which are answered here. A short guide to publishing an eBook that has the look and feel of a professional eBook. For this purpose, there are several self-publishing companies that can help you. It is essential that you look into certain details before choosing the right professional for your book.

Why publish an eBook in India?

• Easy portability
• Steady demand from readers worldwide
• Low overheads and low entry costs
• No reprint cost
• Potentially a high margin of return

What are the details that I must focus on to publish an eBook?

Formatting :

Different eBook publishing platforms require different versions of the eformat of your ebook eg see the example below. Each eBook platform has its own specification that one has to adhere to, to make the eBook acceptable. Read their guidelines before starting to be able to successfully publish your eBook. Some of the eBook platforms will offer to convert your PDF to suitable eBook for a fee. The two most popular formats for eBook are.
.mobi for Amazon
• .ePub for other stores
Biggest challenge in making an eBook is to achieve flawless formatting, that looks and feels professional. With the changes in file format, the alignment and punctuations may suffer. Hence, it is necessary that the file is checked and rechecked in every format separately.
The best thing to do is seek professional formatting help from established houses.

Pay special attention to images :

If your book is going to have illustrations, photographs or complex tables and charts, then special care should be taken when eBook conversion takes place, so as not to disturb the tables/charts.

File Size :

Larger the file size, more will be the eBook price. To earn a good amount of royalty, it is advisable that you choose to keep a smaller file size, as larger sizes require more space on the readers device, deterring the reader from buying your book.

Distribution :

Just getting an eBook made out of your manuscript and publishing it on eBook platforms, is not enough. You have to ensure that it spreads across the digital world in Amazon and other platforms through aggregators like Smashwords. Seek professional help to reap the best results.

Devising a good marketing strategy :

To ensure that your eBook sells, it is very important to spread the news about your book. A good pre-launch plan is essential for your eBook to become known to the reading public. Make your book well-known even before it comes out in the market through social media promotions. Using catchphrases and launch videos are suggested.

How do I distribute my work worldwide?

After publishing an eBook, it is important that you spread the word. Only uploading your files to e platforms will not draw an audience. For your eBook to sell, ensure that eBook is uploaded professionally with the right keywords, subtitles, description and Author information. Moreover, be very careful about copyright infringement without using the Digital Rights Management (DRM) method of locking the format. Piracy is another concern but largely for popular authors. Some very famous authors have often used Piracy as a marketing strategy to gain attention for their book. Playing around with the distribution often proves effective but it is advisable that you take professional guidance to avoid risk factors.

Self-publishing is the new voice of the publishing industry. Self-publishing companies give you the opportunity to be on the driving seat, taking all major decisions all by yourself while your book gets published by professionals. Choose your publishing consultant wisely who will guide you in the right direction and help you meet your dream.