Your Voice #5

Welcome all writers

Creative Writing Contest for an Anthology Announced

The winners are:

  1. a, An The articles of life  sumeghasharma1
  2. Be Pardagi  Mohammed Zahoor Khan
  3. Mr Great   Shivani
  4. Real Feelings   Bijibilla Rama Rao
  5. Rishte  AZAD MADRE
  6. तु निकल    Rashmi Balaso nadaf
  7. The World is Changing:   Bijibilla Rama Rao
  8. Shri Charno Ki Abhilasha मदन मोहन’मैत्रेय’
  9. यूं मौन रहो जो तुम  मदन मोहन’मैत्रेय’
  10. उसे अब छोड़ना..! Rahul kiran

Result Announced- Three Winning Entries – Amazon Vouchers

The process of deciding winning entries for the three vouchers was conducted by first short-listing the entries with the highest views. Those were then read by Zorba Books judges and the three entries selected on the basis of their content. These are:

Our heartiest congratulations to the 3 Amazon vouchers winners.

Writing Contest Continues for an Anthology

Last date to participate in the anthology competition is 28th February, so hurry, participate and win a publishing contract with Zorba Books. See below for the process.

Criteria for the Writing Contest

  • The write-up can be on any topic of your choice. It can be in any language Hindi/English.
  • The maximum number of words for the entry is 1000.
  • The writing can be any genre, poetry, short stories, article etc.
  • It should be an original piece of writing.

The steps to participate in the Christmas Writing Contest’22.

  • Click on “Start Now
  • You may see this page – “Register to receive newsletter”, close this page.
  • The Free Publishing page will open up.
  • Click the yellow button that says “Start writing your blog.”
  • The “Log in” page opens up.
  • If you have not already registered with Zorba Books, register first and then log in
  • Your personal dashboard will open up.
  • Click on the “Add New Post” button and start writing and publishing your blog.
  • Devise ways to showcase your blog to as many people as you can.
  • The last day for participation is 28th February’23 for the Anthology publishing deal.
  • The decision of Zorba Books will be final.
  • Watch these videos for more guidance

What is the Christmas Writing Contest Award?

  • 20 blogs have the chance to win an award between 1st December to 28th February’23
  • 17 winners get a chance to bag their winning entry in an Anthology book publishing deal with Zorba Books.
  • Start your New Year ’23 with a Bang!
  • Best Wishes for a Shubh beginning.