How to start Writing a Book?

How to start writing a book for First Time Authors?

Once a new author makes up his mind to start writing his dream book, here are a few pointers he should keep in mind. This is also helpful for authors who are yet to publish their work. Congratulations, you have crossed one of the biggest hurdles and that is to overcome inertia and launch into an activity you are passionate about– writing. To make your endeavour successful, it is necessary that you answer some questions before starting to write your book. This exercise is useful up to the point till you find a publisher for your book. (unless you are writing for personal pleasure, with no desire to bring out your manuscript to the public at large).

Steps for Writing a Book for Beginners

You must start by:

•          Building a strong author platform

If you are not a known personality, it can be hard to get publishers to bite. If you don’t come to the table with a celebrity persona, publishers want to know what you can say and do to promote your book. Having an idea of some sort of marketing plan for the book prior to sending your proposal is great. Hence the need to build a strong author platform before the launch of your book. It takes quite some time to start getting results on any social media platform that you are building. There are numerous social media platforms one can opt to start on, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, WhatsApp, blogs, Pin interest, RSS feed etc. You can choose to start on a platform that you feel more comfortable with and grow from there both in terms of the number of posts and the variety of platforms.

•          Ask yourself the question, why you want to write in the first place? If there is more than one reason list them in order of priority. This will help you to focus on what you are trying to achieve and you will be able to direct your effort towards that goal.

1.        Is it to satisfy a creative urge?

2.        Is it to share a story or discovery or invention that may impact people’s lives?

3.        To be known as an author.

4.        To make a living from it.

5.        To become famous

6.        To share your knowledge or story with a select group of people.

Remember:  With tens of thousands of books being published every year, it is pragmatic for a new writer or a first-time author to lower his expectations. The happiest authors are the ones who don’t expect much from their first book an important point for.

•          By creating an incredible hook For the Book:

Important advice if you are writing a book for beginners, the book that you plan to write should have a USP (Unique Selling Preposition). Whether it is the topic itself that you have chosen to write about or not much has been written on that topic and there is a demand to know more on the given topic, or the writing style or some revelation or truth, or you are already a known personality in the field in which you are writing.

•          Building solid writing ability:

If you want to write a book and feel that your ability to write can be improved upon, then there are two options open to you – you can either hire a professional writer or enrol in writing classes to improve your writing style.

It’s ok to tackle one ability at a time as you go along, rather than wait to accomplish all, as the prospect may seem too daunting for a beginner.

Writing a book for beginners is an enriching experience one that is intellectually stimulating. It helps to clarify thinking, builds credibility for you as a new author or a first-time writer. It is a vehicle by which you spread ideas and work to deliver your message with authority. You should write one.