New, Online Marketing Resource For your Book

IGTV videos are becoming essential for authors to do online marketing of books or talking about their book. For any person to adopt any new tool, they must understand the device first, to make the best use.

We need to keep in mind that video consumption has shifted largely from computers to mobile phones. Hence the IGTV format works well for online marketing of books by authors and also to promote themselves as authors.

Here is a short write up on using IGTV to promote your book.

What are IGTV videos?

‘IGTV’, stands for Instagram TV, this platform is similar to YouTube. In this platform too you can upload your videos that are slightly longer usually between 15 sec to 1 minute to 10 minutes, maximum file size 650MB.

How do we make IGTV videos and what is the maximum time limit?

It is just like making any video using any available camera like a laptop, mobile, DSLR, digicam etc. and uploading it on your Instagram page. The user can upload a video that is up to 10 mins long directly on IGTV. Videos should be made using the vertical mode, not landscape and should be made in an MP 4 format.

Though Instagram allows users to upload videos up to 10 minutes long, we recommend to our authors to make videos that are 2-4 minutes long since shorter videos are more impactful.

For a new author start by making short videos 1-2 minutes and then move on to longer ones. In a video introducing your self, your book and what is good about the book.

Here are some videos you can see for reference.

How are they different from YouTube videos?

IGTV and YouTube are different video platforms with some important differences:

  • A major difference between YouTube and IGTV Instagram videos is in its format, vertical format (portrait) for IGTV video and landscape for Youtube.
  • IGTV is great for giving more content to your Instagram audience which also leads to an increase in your followers and greater engagement with them.
  • IGTV is a more professional and appealing platform due to its use of vertical video and its unique live feature of IGTV video.
  • As per our research, people also use IGTV for going live and after a live session, they post their session as IGTV video on their Instagram page.

How are IGTV videos useful for authors?

IGTV videos is an excellent platform for both audience and authors to get to know each other. Authors can introduce themselves to their audience and can give information about their previous and upcoming books. This information will help their audience to get to know the book and the author.

The following guidelines are useful for authors for digital marketing of books, to connect with readers and increase their viewers through IGTV-

  • Be consistent with your audience to stay connected with them. For online digital marketing keep making IGTV videos so that your audience can enjoy your content regularly. That means if you are thinking of making one video every week, try releasing it on the same day of the week, every week. This helps your audience to keep you the author in their mind and anticipate the arrival of your video.
  • Let your fans in i.e. always keep your fans involved in your videos by asking them to give reviews or comments for e.g. showing them 3 covers of your upcoming book and asking them to choose their favourite cover.
  • The best thing you can do on IGTV videos is to promote your book by talking to your audience and telling them interesting facts about your book which will motivate them to read your book. This type of engagement with your readers keeps them entertained.
  • Try to inspire your readers through motivational quotes written by you or some other well – known person. Share knowledge which will tempt them to read your book.  Simply tell them about books which changed your life or inspired you or helped you to cope with life. These are different ways to engage with your potential readers.
  • Share stories and posts through your IGTV as it will help your audience know that you are coming up with something interesting. Make sure that if you are posting something,  it should include basic information about your topic or if you are posting pictures of your books it should be displayed with some quotes.

Increase in Instagram usage and shifting preference to mobile over a computer, increased smart mobile penetration, is creating new opportunities for authors. There is no escaping the fact that IGTV video is becoming the fastest growing tool for online book marketing. For an author looking to keep and grow its reader base they will need to use IGTV videos to engage their readers. No better time to start but now.

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