Pre-publishing services refers to those services or steps that precede the actual publishing of a book. If an author wants to add a service to his publishing package or take on just one or more stand alone services, as per his/ her need. These individual book publishing services are aimed at those authors/individuals/companies, who are keen on taking one or more services e.g. editing, marketing, marketing, econversion, cover page designing.

Stand alone publishing services can be of immense benefit to an individual or a company. An individual/a company that requires professional editing, formatting, designing econversion, to be done, can opt for pre-publishing services as per their needs. Individual publishing services such as formatting of a document/book, making brochure to promote the product that they are selling etc. Click on the tab above for the service you require.

Zorba platform offers you not only book publishing packages but also quality individual publishing services. You need not waste time looking for your publishing related needs any where else. Click here to contact us.

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