Publish a Book with Professional Formatting

Before we can read a book or any text it should look pleasing to the eye, it should be well laid out in an attractive readable font. To do this, professional publisher services are desirable. Presentation matters. Whether it’s a manuscript, a project report or any other document you should get professional formatting carried out. This improves the presentation and hence you start on a positive note with the reader of your manuscript/book/text. Formatting of a book/manuscript or text, will determine the font used, size of the font used, the layout of text in a manuscript or document. In cases where one needs to include images, illustration, tables, diagrams in a document, the formatting will be taken as complex formatting.  To format a manuscript is distinct from designing. Designing is mostly done for coffee-table books, brochures and consists of fancy fonts and coloured images and other design elements.

Simple Formatting of a book or document

Rs. 50/page, minimum of 100 pages to format a manuscript or text. Up to 5 images/table insertions can be included in simple formatting of a manuscript. All images/illustrations to be provided by the author. Ideal when a writer wants to publish a novel or poetry book.

Complex Formatting of a book or document

Rs.100/page minimum of 50 pages to format a manuscript, unlimited images/tables insertions are included. All images/illustrations to be provided by the author. Usually when an author wants to publish academic books. Ideal for academic books and non-fiction books.

Brochure and coffee table book Designing

Rs. 2000/page. Minimum 5 pages

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