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A Journey Through My Magic Wand

A Journey Through My Magic Wand

by Arnesh


ISBN 9789395217446
Languages English
Pages 32
Cover Paperback


A Journey Through My Magic Wand

A Journey Through My Magic Wand is a collection of short, powerful poems about nature and self-discovery. The book picturizes the memories of a childhood marked by dreams of a perfect world. Through these poems, the poet has tried to convey his innermost feelings and reflections that he envisages seeing in a land of his dreams. These poems also convey passion, motivation, human behaviour, and the tug of war between reality and dream. A few of the poems also give critical life lessons which need to be reflected upon and implemented in our daily lives.


About the Author
Arnesh is an eleven-year-old child, studying in class six, lives in Delhi and has a profound interest in reading. His love for books started at a
very young age and books are his best friend. He has a passion for writing stories and poems. His thoughts are his dreams; whereby he
loves to live by his dreams. A young and talented writer, he has been writing short stories and poems since the age of six for his school
magazine. He wishes to take his readers into an imaginary world through his poetry. His works capture readers’ minds and take
them on a journey of dreamland and happiness.


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