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The Blue Ostrich stories of adventure and wonder

by Shivani Kochak


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ISBN 978-93-5896-488-2
Languages English
Pages 120
Cover Paperback
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The Blue Ostrich
Stories of Adventure and Wonder

The Blue Ostrich, stories of adventure and wonder, is a collection of simple yet profound short stories and poems, written to inspire children to imagine and dream big while holding on to joy, kindness, confidence, gratitude, consideration and a positive attitude.
From tales starring a singing ostrich, a heroic giraffe, a lonely dragon and an honest king, young readers can expect to be delighted and transported into a world of adventure and learn lessons.


About the Author

Shivani Kochak is an Indian educator, author and community organizer passionate about teaching, writing and fine arts. She completed her Masters in Interior Design at the College of Architecture in India, followed by specialist courses in fine arts from London, UK. With her heart always being in education, she has spent the better half of the last three decades educating children in various schools in India and training teachers in computer software to make them future-ready.

The author has made free-hand sketches throughout The Blue Ostrich stories of adventure and wonder in order to kindle the imagination and give wings to your child’s creativity. This is the first set of short stories. You can follow her for more details on X, previously Twitter, @shivanikochak and on Instagram at: shivanikochak.

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