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The Missing Scroll

The Missing Scroll

by Ekoparnika Mukherjee


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ISBN 9789393029980
Languages English
Pages 150
Cover Paperback
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‘If God had intended us to walk, He wouldn’t have invented roller skates.’

Such are the eccentric thoughts of a brilliant young scientist- medical lecturer, Professor George P. Hilton. He is on a short holiday, which he decides to spend hiking the woods with his pets, and his friend and colleague Dr. Edward Smith. There, he is approached by an old friend, an archeologist Mr. Laurence Franklin, who needs his help to find his dog, which has been abducted, and an ancient document, which is stolen. Always for a good adventure, the professor sets off, accompanied by his dog, bird and horse, his friends, and a beautiful French actor whom he comes across in the woods. Soon, things start to happen- and the stranger in the team is suspected of a murder- until they come across an old foe. However, the clever young professor soon realizes whom to suspect. So he, like a tiger, waits for the right opportunity to pounce. Walk the path of adventure with ‘The Missing Scroll’


About the Author: 

Ekoparnika Mukherjee is just 12 years old and a student of class VII of the Delhi Public School, Ruby Park Kolkata. She is an avid reader and an animal lover. She is fond of creating imaginary individuals, who often represent her own spirit and temperament. She is interested in ancient Egyptian language, and different forms of linguistics. 


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