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Wise Parents Happy Children

by Utasha T


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ISBN 978-93-88497-71-8
Languages English
Pages 324
Cover Paperback
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A Book on Parenting- how to raise wiser and happier children.
Congratulations and celebrations for caring for yourself and others. For picking up this book, and the amazing insights that await your attention.
Wise parents and Happy children is a book on parenting and how to be authentic to your values, happiness and wisdom, the best way you could and can. To trust and heed the wise intuition that uplifts, nourishes and brings strength and wisdom to your efforts. Gain happiness to raise happy and wise children.
In the context of Parenting and Pregnancy it means to give honor , creativity and light whilst also recognizing the efforts to grow. It also gives an insight to go from struggle to solution.
Invest and sow wisely, Harvest and reap joyfully.

About the Author

Utasha’s education is in Psychology and Holistic Healing living. And her expertise is in creative writing, she has certifications for childbirth educator, heal your life training and many more. She has blended her interests with learning about positive psychology. Her belief is to envision and co-create a world, in which, we can live in harmony and truth, nonviolence and understanding, wisdom and happiness. Have compassion for the generation gap. She believes once we find our unique calling or passion, we must nurture it and watch it grow into something fruitful and beautiful.
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