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Bohemian Behaviour

Bohemian Behaviour

by Puneet Tyagi Ph D & Krishna Nath Pandey PhD


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Pages 158
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The basic purpose of the study was to understand the antecedent factors shaping the online purchase intent of shoppers from Delhi/NCR on lines of the widely acclaimed Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology, UTAUT2 model. This study used the extended UTAUT2 to advance understanding of UTAUT2 and its applicability in context of shoppers in Delhi/NCR in a comprehensive manner.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Literature Review
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Results and Discussion
Chapter 5
Summary and Conclusions

About the Author

Puneet Tyagi

He is a C-Suite  Executive in Central Transmission Utility of India discharging the duties of planning and co-ordination related with Inter State Transmission System in India. Tyagi had started his carrier as an Engineer in POWERGRID, India’s largest Electric Power Transmission Utility and the second biggest transmission utility in the world having footprints in 20 countries and possesses experience of about 27 years in various capacities. He has prowess in HVDC Technology and Asset Management. He is known for quick decision making and working together with various Industry players to achieve sustainability and excellence. No wonder, he was sponsored by POWERGRID to the Management Development Institute for MBA. In order to quench his thirst for knowledge, he published research papers in International and Indian Journals. He is engaged in frequenting the colloquiums on novel practices. At this juncture, he is involved in Capitalisation of knowledge of his Company and buttressing his capabilities as an astute Executive to aim to the zenith of the higher echelons of the leadership.


Krishna Nath Pandey

Krishna Nath Pandey has established the World e University for facilitating the interface between the learners and the facilitators for collaboration in an autonoetic mode for the adults of the Global Village at tertiary level. This university has been founded to cater to the needs of the individuals of the 21st Century who are seeking the solutions of a very specific problem in the realm of personal obstacles impeding their learning. The university is serving as a bridge between those who are seeking the solutions of a specific problem and the knowledgeable experts who can provide the tutelage to those solutions. World e University is an outcome of his intellectual journey as a UN volunteer, Civil Servant, C-Suite Executive , Dean and Researcher in the areas of management, social sciences and literature.

This is the ninth book authored by Krishna Nath Pandey. The other titles by him happen to be:-

 He is a very active author of the social media platform of Quora and his answers have been read by  1.7 million people in the world and counting. His answers have been sent by Quora to the Digest of 8,427,000 readers!



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