General Knowledge Book


by Ahmed Sayeed

ISBN 978-93-88497-77-0
Languages English
Pages 498
Cover Paperback


For students, job seekers, researchers, competitive exams a General Knowledge Book . A simple and handy general knowledge book,  in which is stored the treasure of knowledge for you.  All fields right from the Unit to Universe have been covered in an easy to read English…  Please read the book with an open mind, you will be enlightened.  This book contains an exhaustive explanation and elucidation of A to Z of Life.  You must possess both for passing your examinations, and for life.   If you find the book useful do recommend to your friends to purchase this “Treasure”/“Aladdin Lamp” to enlighten yourself, your friends, your family your society, your nation.  

About the Author

Ahmed Sayeed is a retired Officer of the Accountant General’s Office, Hyderabad. Mr Sayeed has been continuously updating his profile at the age of 70 he completed Ph.D. and LL.B.  He is the author of several socially relevant books, published by Zorba Books – Tridev Trident, Father turned Monster, We Think Therefore We Are.  An open mind and a secular outlook is his mantra, believes in equal respect for all religion. He has strong belief in the power of Nature—the mother goddess. Believes that life is an accident and an act of evolution in this vast universe.  Hope burns eternally in his heart, that his fellow human beings would quit fighting to uphold their singular beliefs and instead move towards inclusiveness and harmony.



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