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The Dance of Death

The Dance of Death

by Sahil Chugh


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ISBN 9789358969153
Languages English
Pages 222
Cover Paperback
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The Dance of Death

a  tale of retribution

The Dance of Death, is the story of a seventeen-year-old girl who is confined in a brothel called Noorgunj. The psychopath who runs this brothel is no less than a devil. It is also the story of a young boy, Sri, who was mocked for his dark colour by his sister. The boy lands at a hermitage where he trains himself to become a skilled and formidable martial artist. But how does he land there? What is the connection between his and Reshma’s story? Will Reshma’s miseries ever end? What will happen when they meet? Reshma wants to get out of this repulsive business of whoredom. Even if she finds a way to run away, will the man who runs the brothel, let her leave that easily? Their stories unravels a series of unexpected and unforeseen events


About the Author

Sahil Chugh, the author of the novel is a young man, established as a part qualified Actuary. Publishing of this novel is his long awaited venture. This is his first book in the market. He is an avid reader and loves to read all kinds of books. He has a great imagination and a rare ingenuity. He has tried his best to make the book entertaining. He thinks that he won’t dash the hopes of the readers.
You can contact him at
Let the good prevail over evil!

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  1. Akshita Ahuja

    Was excited about the book I would love to read it and share the context!!!

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