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A book of poems

Since more than 4 billion years of its inception the earth has its moon not only orbiting but is also creating the steady flow of true joy and this sacred act of creation of the steady flow of true joy is being carried out in an unending process of relativities being maintained between trillions and trillions of bodies of the cosmos and since more than 13 billion years of its inception the whole of the apparent universe is filling the trans-eternal body of bliss of the Almighty God with this uninterrupted flow of the true joy.
To depict some other aspects here a 4 line quote from the poem at sl. no. 7 of the almighty book:-
-Mindful hearts unite under independence’ urge and all nations merge
-Boundaries draped in their proud national flags buried solemnly
-New constitution, common civil code and currency take place formally and firmly
-All populace or otherwise participate in voting and elect the first global government

An another 6 line quote from the poem at Sl. No. 4 of the almighty book:-

-Defying the system of the nature and using its forces to my own advantage
-Taking control of all the planets and of all the matter afloat in my solar-system
-Becoming ready and united to plunge into action to pave the way for celestial distinction
-To take hold of the sun and rip it apart and open it up and turn it into the supernatural star
-To sacrifice myself and of all the planets and of all the matter in my solar-system and merge them into the body of the sun
-The atonement in the fire at the pyre; the resurrection into the resplendent radiance and the dazzling brightness and attain into the supernatural my ultimate pinnacle and the penance

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