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Whispers of the Heart


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ISBN 978-93-90011-05-6
Languages English
Pages 118
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A Collection of Poetry in English

Poetry is having a dialogue with ones inner calling, an explosion of emotions woven into words.
Life’s journey is a mixed bag of joy and sorrow, count each step and count your blessings. If you love someone express it…you never know when they will be gone. The poem “Dear father I love you” has been written after I lost him. It’s my way of expressing my love for him, giving birth to “Dear father I love you”.  The daily doses of introspection and communion with inner self has reinforced and strengthened the positivity, hence giving birth to “Painting a life”, “Fragility of
relationship”. As I watched people scurrying around with their baggage of fears and bundles of raw emotions, I tried to infuse some tranquility and equanimity of mind in the fast paced life with  poems like “Time to say goodbye” and “The trapped soul”. There are poems of hopes, desire, nature
and life poems.

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About the Author

Born and raised in the armed forces, always adapting to new and challenging environment, living in a layered world, falling in and out of love, however poetry has always been my first and last loyal love. Dabbled at various teaching institutions with my teaching qualification, but since creativity has always been my forte, so took a formal plunge into qualifying as a fashion designer, nevertheless writing poems has been a soul satisfying journey. There were little voices from within, a conversation to connect with different characters, emotions and ultimately giving a voice to each in a poetry form. With passing of each year my passion for writing poetry is taking a strong hold on me, its the beginning of a discovery, to be connected, yet detached, a reflection of my deeper
sense of wisdom, confidence and balance.

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  1. Namita

    The sample poem made my heart bleed , felt d depth of agony so well vividly explained in poetic vibes, keep up d work, look forward to more readings

  2. Zorba Books

    Lots more of the same in the book. Print book can be ordered on Zorba website or you can download and read the ebook from Amazon.in. Happy Reading, be safe

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