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God; Your Free Wi-fi Connection

by Hasnain Waris


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ISBN 978-93-5896-714-2
Languages English
Pages 152
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The book “God; Your Free Wi-fi Connection”, answers the various questions the reader has with regard to spirituality

Key Questions of Spiritual, Seekers today

What is Realization? How does it change us?
Why don’t we benefit from reading scriptures?
What is Ego? How does it constrain our spiritual growth?
What is ‘Love’ the saints talk about?
What is Truth? How can we see it?
What is Duality?
Can I be spiritual while being materialistic?
What to do while we’re work in progress?
What is Surrender?
Who is a Guru? What is his role in a seeker’s journey?
Do rituals help?
People don’t acknowledge my spiritual growth?
The world will exploit me, if I go spiritual.
Why aren’t others growing spiritually?
When in doubt, go moderate
What is the problem if I’m seeking pleasure and happiness?

About the Author


‘Brands to Brahm’ is how he likes to phrase his story. Fifteen years of working in the glitzy and creative world of advertising and searching for his spiritual side. His spiritual journey started when his mother placed him in the lap of his guru and requested him to bless him with a name. He grew up like any other child in a metropolitan city, with the only difference being that he was as comfortable in a mosque as he was in a satsang—even at the age of seven.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, he got many opportunities to spend some memorable summer vacations in his guru’s presence. This exposure might have played a crucial role in shaping his spiritual journey, but frankly speaking, he never realised it then. The rest, as they say, is history.

In 2013, he decided to quit his full-time job and dedicate his second innings to people development and spreading the message of ‘conscious living’. He conducts talks and organises workshops and retreats under the banner ‘The Self Seekers’ to help people gain clarity about their true-self and give them a chance to experience the transformative power of spirituality, which is a rare thing to find these days.

He is a certified spiritual coach, life coach, NLP, EFT, and L&D professional. He works with individuals as a personal coach and corporates as a performance consultant.

Mail: theselfseekers@gmail.com; hasnainwaris@gmail.com

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