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Spiritual Healing

My Journey to Spiritual Healing

by Sunita Verma


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ISBN 978-93-95217-99-6
Languages English
Pages 62
Cover Paperback
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My Journey to Spiritual Healing


This is my first book, and I have written this book with energies from the universe and blessings of Maa. Herein I have written my own experiences in a simple language, and this is a very pure book for me. My purpose of writing this book is to bring more and more people toward spirituality. I am a very simple person; if
I can go on the path of spirituality, then anyone can. All of us have problems in life. We should not run from them or go here and there or even ask other people to solve them, but we should ourselves move toward spirituality, sit for meditation, and pray to God to help us solve these problems. If we do so, our problems will
be solved automatically. I hope you all will like My Journey to Spiritual Healing, so I can get encouraged to write the next book.

About the Author

The author Sunita Verma, is a Reiki Grandmaster , an angel therapist, phot reader and past life regression therapist

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