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Acute Akbar Versus The Spirited Nur Jahan

by Susheila Naravane


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ISBN '9789385020483
Languages English
Pages 744
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Acute Akbar Versus The Spirited Nur Jahan is a gripping account of the reign of the Mughal Emperor Akbar.

The narrative brings the Mughal court to life even as it describes Akbar’s relationship with his son Jehangir and the other members of his extended family.

The story of Nur Janhan has its’ roots in Akbar’s reign and times. That’s why our story begins with Akbar’s reign, tracing the intrigues at the court : stories being played out in the lives of his subjects (both Hindu and Muslim) and conspiracies within and outside the realm of the Mughal Empire.

Woven into this narrative is the possibility of reincarnation due to the karmic interaction between various communities in recurring births. The story is told through the perspective of a protagonist from the twenty first century.

The book pulsates with the rhythms of life as lived in the times of Akbar’s rule. With its interplay of faiths and cultures, it transports the reader into Akbar’s court with its rich imagery.

How did the young Mehrunissa a courtier’s daughter, come to be queen of the mighty Mughal Empire wielding immense influence ? She was a rarity for any woman in those times leave alone a Muslim woman. Did the elements of destiny and desire play an important role or was it a matter of court and harem intrigues ?

The book takes a fresh look at how Mehrunissa became Nur Jahan at a time when the Mughals were at the zenith of their power in India.

About The Author

Susheila Naravane was born in Pune, India, in June 1942 and studied at the Pune University, graduating in Chemistry (Hons). She then worked briefly in Mumbai, as a processing chemist.
She has published articles in newspapers and magazines and is currently ( 2016 ), living in Mumbai.
Susheila has been a keen reader of history as well as literature, both in English and Hindi, classical and modern. She firmly believes in God and in spiritual matters, in re-incarnation and in the Hindu theory of karma, which says, as your deeds, so your rebirth.
A meditation enthusiast, she firmly believes that re-incarnation can take place across faiths, countries and continents, dying in one faith and being reborn in another according to the compulsions of ones karma.