TO WRITE IS TO CREATE HISTORY  11 Indian Stars who chose to celebrate Writing

Why do famous personalities write books?

11 Famous Indians who became Authors.

As we delve deep, we are reminded of Henry Miller’s statement that “Writing is its own reward“. Writing in itself is a treat to man’s greatest power – the power to articulate. Beyond the calculations of profit and popularity, writing has its own reward to etch a person’s name forever in history. Zorba Books brings to you a list of Famous Indian Authors who even after achieving all the name and success in life decided to write because the power of the written word has its own glory

that surpasses all.

Ace Against Odds – Sania Mirza
The book chronicles the journey of one of the world’s most famous female tennis players. With this book, the readers get an opportunity to virtually tread along the path that shaped and reshaped this firm, never-to-break sportsperson.
USP : Life lessons on and off the court.

Playing It My Way – Sachin Tendulkar
Cricket has produced numerous fascinating biographies and autobiographies that through the ages have been the pride of the literary shelves. The very name Sachin Tendulkar suggests that whatever this man does, from hitting sixers to writing a book, his every action is bound to inspire. This book is no exception. His journey has not been an easy one and hence the book thrills as it encourages.
USP : A closer look at one of the most prominent stars in Indian sports history.

The Test of My Life – Yuvraj Singh
The phrase that tags along the title clearly summarizes how inspiring the tale would be. When the ever smiling, energetic, young cricketer mentions his journey as – ‘From Cricket to Cancer and Back’, no words can be enough to describe what he suffered; and the very word ‘Back’ makes this book worth every bit of attention. The book takes its readers closer to ‘the end’ and teaches how to turn every end into a fresh beginning.
USP : Yuvraj’s indomitable spirit that not only defeated cricket teams since ages, but also defeated a disease as deadly as cancer.

I Do What I Do – Raghuram Rajan
This nonfiction by economist and former Governor of the Reserve Bank of India Raghuram Rajan is an honest and pertinent take on the economic and political situation of the contemporary India. The book is written in the form of a collection of speeches delivered by Rajan during his stint as the Governor. Amidst a lot of opinionated reviews by economists, this book discusses every single issue from ‘demonetization’ to battling ‘black money’ in an unbiased and elaborate manner.
USP : A concise study on the economic condition of the country with several unspoken issues discussed.

Convenient Action – Continuity for Change by Narendra Modi
Current Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi’s Convenient Action records the initiatives taken by his government. Mr.Modi has given substantial emphasis on two important aspects of climate change, i.e., Climate Ethics and Climate Justice and has mentioned how his government is striving to fight against the evils that threaten our country.
USP : When the world’s largest democracy’s chief leader gets his thoughts written, the book is bound to be worth the read. A brilliant opportunity to experience the functioning of the country from the words of the man who himself runs it.

An Unsuitable Boy – Karan Johar
As Karan Johar writes “Coming clean is my dynamic”, his autobiography promises the readers an honest tale of the star who has always been surrounded by controversies. From his childhood to his relationships with the Bollywood fraternity, he has answered all the doubts that have been doing the rounds for quite some time.
USP : Karan Johar’s sharp-witted take on himself and the world around him.

Quiver poems and Gazals – Javed Akhtar
Journeying back to the life of India’s most famous lyricist and poet through his own poetry is a treat to the readers. Javed Akhtar has penned a series of autobiographical poems that narrates his entire life and experiences in a lyrical pattern.
USP : The poems, although autobiographical, connects to every reader. Anyone can relate his/her own life and experiences to this grand treatise.

The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad – Twinkle Khanna
Actress turned author Twinkle Khanna hit it big with her power to write! After Mrs. Funnybones, the book that made her India’s highest-selling female author in 2015, she once again took up the pen to create a fascinating collection of short stories on feminism. It is miraculous how the artist in her could draw the attention of more people with her words than her acting.
USP : A brilliant method of storytelling and wordplay. One of the best attempts to capture contemporary social issues in stories that more people can relate to.

Citizen and Society by Md. Hamid Ansari
Former Vice-President of India Md Hamid Ansari released a book which is a collection of his lectures on diverse themes. As President Pranab Mukherjee has stated, Mr Ansari’s statement at his first oath-taking ceremony stands as the theme of the book – “No citizen is apolitical; as a citizen, by definition, one has to take interest in public affairs”. He has elaborated every citizen’s responsibility and his relation to the social order with great clarity.
USP : A picturesque depiction of society, politics and their relevance in the human world.

My Unforgettable MemoriesSmt. Mamata Banerjee
Chief Minister of West Bengal Smt. Mamata Banerjee brought her life to pages and the result is an autobiography that not only captures instances of the political scenario but also proudly narrates a personal tale of struggle and eventual triumph.
USP : A story of perseverance, tolerance and strife, the emergence of a woman politician through a great deal of turmoil and controversies.

The Best Thing About You is You! by Anupam Kher
The book is a comprehensive guide to discover your true self. What makes it unique is that the author, Anupam Kher, brings forth instances from his own life and career to narrate how none of the obstacles in life is undefeatable. From a man who has already proved his success, life lessons come in a much-experienced manner.
USP : Let the book cast its own spell while you learn that the best thing about you is indeed you.
The list can go on. Celebrities have always had a tale to tell, but their efforts to put their experiences and thoughts in words prove that ‘writing’ has an undeniable power to immortalize actions.

And what is the takeaway for us in why famous Indian personalities become authors? A golden opportunity to catch a glimpse of the stars we look up to, in words; and also get motivated to “write”, because writing is the best way to celebrate life.

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