THE STORYTELLER Who Hypnotizes With The PEN


When it comes to connecting with the readers, Novoneel Chakraborty is a trendsetter. The author of bestselling novels forever series by Novoneel Chakraborty and the noted Stranger trilogy, the creative head behind famous shows like Savdhaan India and Secret Diaries and also one of the founding members of a first of its kind content company – Act3 Creations, this young star has a series of feathers added to his cap.
While the readers are still engrossed in the riveting tale Forever Is A Lie, with the recent release of his second book in the widely acclaimed Forever series, Novoneel Chakraborty is all set to assure his fans that FOREVER IS TRUE… indeed it is.
Zorba Books takes the opportunity to get the readers one step closer to the mind behind the series of romantic thrillers, as we engage in an exciting tête-à-tête with him.

1. From business administration to romantic thrillers, what inspired you to change the track and become an author?

I still have no clue why I studied business administration. I wanted to be a sports person. That didn’t happen. I wanted to become a surgeon. When that too didn’t happen I was pretty clueless as I never had any plan C for life. It just happened that stories and characters started happening to me when I was 20. I wrote to get rid of them only to realize that other stories were waiting for me. Soon it became a habit. And thereby I realised my calling for life of being a storyteller.

2. As a reader, what genres of books attract you the most?
I am a choosy reader and I never go by genre or hype. I pick up a book and if I think there will be some ‘take away’ as a reader, I go for it else not. The only genre I avoid reading most of the time is romance.

3. Tell us about that one unforgettable incident when you felt proud to be an author.
A father of a reader had once attended a book launch of mine where he took my sign on the book. He told me his daughter has some illness and is bed ridden but she wants to tell stories like I do one day. I was touched beyond words.

4. Today, many readers look up to you; who was your role-model?
I would say my father. His honesty, integrity and sincerity towards work have always inspired me. I have always pursued perfection in my work because I’ve seen him doing the same.

5. Tell us a little about the biggest challenge that came your way while getting your first work published?
During the time when I first got published, the Indian publishing industry had not really opened up to Indian authors writing commercial fiction in English. The major challenge was to find a publisher who would give the book a chance. Thankfully, I got one sooner than soon.

6. How far according to you, is promotion important for the success of a book?
We live in a system where the success of a book is judged by the sales figure it earns, so it makes promotions legit. It is very important to reach out to those readers who perhaps don’t know you as yet. Commercial fiction is written for the mass and with so many books coming out every month it becomes all the more pertinent to promote yours. Problem happens when authors focus only in marketing and not on content. That unfortunately is more in vogue than the will of penning something never done before content wise.

7. Describe your journey as an artist in one line.
An adventure of self-discovery worth remembering…

8. If you are to write an autobiography about your journey so far, what would its title be?
I would go by the title of my third book for my autobiography as well: How About A Sin Tonight?

9. What do you think is the secret behind your success?
I’ve never sat down and analysed it. I feel the moment I do that I will, even if subconsciously, try to manipulate my own self to cater to those parameters which I think brought me success and thereby limit my artistic and creative pursuit. So, whatever it is, I hope it lasts. The hard work from my end will continue no matter what.

10. What message do you have for aspiring authors?
I think they should read a lot, know a lot of people and understand them without becoming rigid about their own conclusions of things around and within.

Did your coffee turn cold? Yes, that’s how amazing a personality he is!

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