Enhance Your Creative Writing Skills

Do you want to write like a pro? Tight and engaging plots, a description that can create a virtual movie in the reader’s mind, be the next Chetan Bhagat or Chitra Divakaruni? The good news is that you can. It’s possible with online creative writing courses. Creative writing classes are useful for an aspiring novelist or poet and the thousands engaged in content-writing for the booming digital media platforms.

You can pick up and start reading the kind of books you like straight away, read, read and read. Next, join a creative writing class that will guide you to become aware of skills needed for a good writer and help you gain those skills. While learning creative writing, you are taught how to create content for different genres such as fiction, non-fiction, screenplay and advertising and how to edit one’s content.

The various skills critical for good creative writing:

  1. Observation and ideation: Creative writing training strengthens one’s observation skills and throws up exciting ideas for intriguing plots and characters

2. Research: Research helps one gain a better perspective on one’s ideas, adds to the details and makes the information interesting and the content authentic and creative.

3. Communication skills: While learning to write better, one needs to invest time in reading, listening and distinguishing between the content of various genres. One learns to structure the content, how to write keeping the reader in mind, why and how to keep the content simple and jargon-free, focus on dialogues and emotions appropriate to the genre and proof-read the work to remove any deficiencies that may have crept in while writing.

4. Memory and creativity: Writing regularly improves one’s imagination, boosts memory and enhances creativity, useful in today’s digitally equipped world where one relies more and more on electronic devices to run our everyday lives. Creative writing training pushes one’s mind to think, process, and memorise more and enables one to express one’s thoughts in an easily understandable, well-structured format.

Improve Writing Skills
To Enhance Creative Writing Skills

Creative writing courses help those looking to become published authors and poets. However, creative writing expertise also opens up a wide variety of career options such as copywriting, content writing, web and social media content creation, journalism, content editing and proof-reading. One can work with renowned marketing, advertising or public relation agencies, technical writing and editing service companies, publishing houses and media houses.

A list of popular creative writing courses follows for those interested in honing their skills:

Henry Harvin Education

Henry Harvin’s Creative Writing Course empowers writers to use an extensive vocabulary to put their imagination in words. The course helps students free themselves from their real-life boundaries and expand their vocabulary, conceive fresh ideas and imagine beyond their pre-set notions.

This pragmatic, creative writing course covers Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Poetry and Drama — the four genres of skilled creative writing. The course teaches students to form a backdrop for a storyline, conceptualize a thought, form plots & subplots and build a story towards the climax with creativity and imagination.


Coursera features creative writing courses for beginners and practitioners from well-known institutions like Wesleyan University, University of Michigan and University of Pennsylvania. Some popular courses are:

-Creative Writing

-Good with Words – Writing and Editing

-Creative Writing – The Craft of Plot

-Creative Writing – The Craft of Setting and Description

-Writing and Edition – Word Choice and Word Order

-Writing a Feature Length Screenplay for Film or Television


Whether one is working on the first draft of a new novel, brainstorming character ideas or writing one’s first poem, Udemy’s wide range of creative writing classes will help one become a more sound writer.

-Write a Novel Outline from Scratch

-Creative Writing – Creative Ideas for New Writing Ideas

-Creative Non-Fiction Writing – You Can’t Make this Stuff Up

-Creative Writing – How to Write Poetry

-Copywriting and SEO for Beginners – Complete Copywriting Course

Whether you are facing writer’s block, struggling to convert your story idea into an engaging plot, want to create a set of characters with whom readers can identify, or you want to move up in your content writing career. In all these cases, online courses offer a solution.

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