Should you Publish a Print Book or eBook?

As an author you will at some point in time, wonder, what format is appropriate for your book, should you publish a print book or an eBook? An obvious question will be, do readers still prefer to read in print or on apps and are eBooks the way forward?

Here is a short update on how print books are doing.

Print book sales aren’t galloping but they are holding steady in mature markets. In India, they are the preferred form.
The sale of hardcover books has dropped by 10% in the US, and overall print sales volume has been growing at around 2% yearly. In a mature market like the US, a 2% growth is quite significant. This is with reference to books with a softcover.
Chain bookstores like Barnes & Noble are closing unprofitable bookstores but independent bookstores are thriving. And the surest sign of things to come is that Amazon has recently entered physical bookstores in the US in 3 cities, with many more planned to be opened. Related trend authors need to keep in mind is that brick-and-mortar bookstores are reducing the number of titles they stock and reducing the shelf space given to titles in their stores. So while eBooks are holding steady as of now, print books continue to grow.

However, with eBooks, there are no reproduction/reprint costs and hence can be sold cheaply. There are benefits and drawbacks to both forms of books, hence the recommendation would be to take advantage and keep both revenue streams open and publish your book in both forms. For Digital books click here