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Managing Human Foibles And Human Dilemmas a book on leadership

by Mohan Gopinath


ISBN 978-93-90011-30-8
Languages English
Pages 144
Cover Paperback


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An unusual book on Leadership, that looks at leadership from an unusual perspective. Strongly recommended for professional of Human Resource and Organisational Behaviour. The book imparts lessons on Leadership by taking instances from Shakespearean dramas, Mahabharatha, Ramayana and other sources.

Praise for this books on leadership

‘This is a unique book and highly readable.’
Professor Edwin Castelino, Dean (retd.)
St. Joseph’s College of Business Management, Bangalore

‘I strongly recommend this book to anyone interested in critical analyses of characters and Shakespeare’.
Dr Dolphy M. Abraham, Professor (retd.)
and Head of the Doctoral Program, Alliance University, Bangalore

‘Clinically and cogently written. I thoroughly enjoyed the book.’
Dr Ray Titus, Dean, School of Business,Alliance University, Bangalore

‘Wonderfully unique – a beautiful blend of two genres.’
Professor A. Sivakumar Mathada, Registrar, Indian Institute of Management, Udaipur

“Though I am not from this field, I found the book extremely
Professor Raja Sekhar, Department of Marketing, School of Business, Alliance University, Bangalore

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