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Short Stories for Kids

Bharatiya Katha Vaibhava – 5

by Shreedarshan K.


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Bharatiya Katha Vaibhava – 5

Indian Short Stories for Kids


The fifth edition of the Bharatiya Katha Vaibhava series continues with its tales of gods and goddesses, sages and saints, kings and devotees. Indian short stories for kids highlights the rich cultural heritage of Bharat which is a must read for every growing child, teenager and adults alike. They illustrate the importance of inculcating faith and heroism in our lives, while being humble and devout. These interesting and informative stories will be a treat for both children
and adults!

Stories in Bharatiya Katha Vaibhava 5

  1. Origin of Sri Venkateshwara Suprabhatam
    2. Bhima meets Hanuman
    3. Dwelling for Lord Shiva!
    4. Sri Sampat Lakshmi Vrata
    5. Govardhana Giridhari: Sri Govinda
    6. Sri Vadiraja Tirtha
    7. Aswathama Bargains for the Sudarshana Chakra
    8. Nageswar Jyotirlinga
    9. Samudra Manthana: Churning of the Milk-Ocean!
    10. Sri Arunagirinathar.
    11. The Fire-touch Rakshasa: Bhasmasura
    12. Lord Jagannatha and His Friend-devotee
    13. Sage Agastya
    14. Sri Rama and the Kalpavriksha
    15. Sage Narada and Hari!
    16. King Mayuradhwaja
    17. Alluri Venkatadri Swami and the Lord’s Diamond Crown
  2. 18. Krishna and the Peanut Diet!
  3. 19. Devi and the Asuras

20. Sri Rama Paduka Pattabhisheka
21. Krishna and Akrura
22. Hanuman Crosses the Ocean
23. Vamana Avatara
24. Guruvayoor Sri Krishna
25. Rukmini Kalyana

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